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Teacher recruitment and executive leadership search service

At Probity Teaching, we specialise in talent searches tailored to a curated selection of tier-one schools. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary – we invest time and effort to deeply understand the unique needs and context of each institution we serve.  

Whether you require teachers ready to relocate or those proficient in online instruction, we adapt to your preferences seamlessly.

HR department training and mentoring service

Probity furthermore offers training and mentoring for HR professionals and departments, honing your ability to source, onboard and, crucially, to retain top teaching and leadership talent.

This can be done with more of a “light touch”, online or at a distance, when fine tuning is required.  

Alternatively, in cases where when you have identified recurrent, systemic challenges with the sourcing, onboarding and/or retention of staff, we offer in-country interim leadership of HR departments, involving a thorough process of audit and improvement to overall working practices.

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As per client request, we source candidates for:

Standard situations

Individual and multiple vacancies (1-15), sourcing teachers for all ages and subjects.
Group recruitment contracts (15+), for high turnover years, larger schools and school networks.
School expansions or start-ups, when an effective team must be assembled in a limited time frame.

Additionally, we provide:

Executive Leadership Search, for headteachers, principals and a range senior leadership positions, with an academic or business operations focus
HR Department Training and Mentoring, honing your ability to source, onboard and, crucially, to retain top teaching and leadership talent.

Challenging situations

Fast / late appointments, when you need a quality candidate in a hurry!
Shortage subjects and highly specialised roles, such as Teacher of A-Level Physics or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator.
Challenging locations, when you need a teacher with the skills and resilience to thrive in a specific context.

Additionally, we provide:

HR Department Interim Leadership. For when you have identified systemic challenges with sourcing, onboarding and/or retention of staff that require urgent improvement.